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rete alta tecnologia
rete alta tecnologia


The Emilia-Romagna Region has started to design and develop a regional system for industrial research and technology transfer in 2002, involving universities and research institutes, in order to strengthen the cooperation between the research world and the production system through the technological transfer of the results achieved.
The Emilia-Romagna region has created a network of industrial research labs and innovation centers called Regional High Technology Network with permanent equipment and structures. This network is a basic infrastructure for regional competitiveness, the centerpiece of a dynamic ecosystem, ready to deal with change.
The High Technology Network was created to promote the transformation of production systems, clusters and chains, stimulating technological dynamism and greater commitment to research and development.


The Network has developed through the integration of regional funding of the regional program for industrial research and technology transfer – PRRIITT – and European funding of the Regional Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund 2007-2013 – Por ERDF.
Membership in the network is implemented through an accreditation process, able to enhance the ability of laboratories and innovation centers to support in a qualified and professional manner the production system in research activities of industrial interest and to meet the needs of research and innovation of enterprises, based on some essential characteristics:

to design and develop tailored projects and programs with special regard to industrial research and technological innovation;
in relation to the technology and the production of the sectors and the industrial systems of reference;
in terms of performance, results, definition of costs, timeliness, protection of confidentiality and overall customer satisfaction;
of adequate instrumental resources, available to the laboratories of the Network and enterprises;
of an efficient and well organized place to carry out industrial research and technology transfer.
rete alta tecnologia


Membership in the Network means:

ensuring a complex, multidisciplinary industrial research, widespread in the territory and able to accompany and promote technology development and production in the main areas of specialization in Emilia Romagna with the intelligent incorporation of enabling technologies and the development of innovative solutions ;

accompanying the research with information services, interception of needs and capabilities, project drawing assistance and networking of the actors involved in technological innovation and research facilities;

opening the regional innovation system at a national and international level to strengthen the capacity of developing partnerships and participating in strategic projects from which to develop contents transferable to the seasonal production systems.

Operational coordination of NETWORK activities and projects has been entrusted to ASTER (
Accredited facilities participate by right in the activities promoted by ASTER S.


Subject of accreditation are industrial research laboratories and centers for innovation with operational headquarters in Emilia-Romagna, whether public or private, whatever their organizational form, engaged in industrial research, innovation and technology transfer.

SSICA has obtained accreditation as:
Industrial Research Laboratory and Center for Innovation


Research facility of industrial interest, involved in applied research and dissemination of results able to:

perform collaborative research projects with enterprises in order to develop new prototypes or demonstrators, also through joint participation in public funding;

perform consultancy and technological collaboration activities for enterprises or activities on order;

develop and exploit patents at a commercial level;

• provide services for research and innovation activities for enterprises also through the scientific instrumentation available.


Structure that undertakes activities to promote innovation and transfer of knowledge and technological expertise to companies and more generally to the production system.
By way of example this involves:

organizing information, dissemination and technology demonstration activities;

technical assistance to companies for the development of projects and research and technological innovation;

identification of technological partners and connection with them;

providing technical services for technological innovation;

seeking funding and support for the implementation of research and innovation projects.