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Biowafer Project

Biowafer Project

BIOWAFER – BIOWAFER. Biorefining Waste of the Agro Food Chain in Emilia Romagna

BIOWAFER Project is an Industrial Research project, co-financed by the Emilia Romagna Region through the POR FESR 2014-2020. The project aims to develop innovative extraction processes for the valorization of agri-food waste.



  • Increase the value of agri-food waste through the production of chemical compounds and materials of interest for non-food and non-feed industrial sectors.
  • To develop an innovative industrial system in which the production of by-products and co-products managed as waste is reduced.


Expected results:

  • Development of a waste biorefinery for the continuous producion of chemical compounds for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, agronomic and energy sector (eg hyaluronic acid for dermo-cosmetic products, biochar as soil improver and syngas for recovery of thermal and electrical energy).
  • Increase the awareness, knowledge and ability of companies to apply the principles of the circular economy.
  • Development of new technologies and innovative business models that are applicable to overcome the linear system of production.
  • Respond to the growing demand for sustainable products, obtainable without changing individual behavior but by improving the products already used by consumers.



SSICA – Fondazione di Ricerca ( )

BioDNA – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore ( )

SITEIA.PARMA – Università di Parma ( )



Steriltom S.r.L. ( )

Terre Cevico ( )

Latteria Sociale Stallone ( )

Davines S.p.A. ( )

Savona Medicinali S.p.A. ( )



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