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Concept 2 Rowing machine review
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Areas of activity

Main areas of activity

Applied research activities of the department relate to basic research on traditional products and technologies (canned fish and shellfish, salted and marinated semi-preserves, deep-frozen and dried products, etc.) both in terms of safety and quality, as well as research aimed at product innovation (ready-to-eat refrigerated products, spreadable creams in innovative packaging, etc.) and process innovation (high pressure, electromagnetic technologies, etc.) The services offered to companies by the department are primarily analysis services on composition and nutrients, quality indexes, presence of chemical contaminants, safety and health controls of the raw materials and the most widely marketed finished products. The department also offers regular assistance to companies in solving problems relating to analysis and technology, the definition of auto-control systems (HACCP), quality management (ISO certification) and production chain traceability, as well as to environmental problems and interpretation of Italian and EU regulatory provisions, also through the training of technicians and students.