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Main areas of activity

Research activities relating to materials used for the manufacture of packaging and its elements, packaging before its use, packs and logistics.

  • Materials: production technology and physico-chemical properties, mechanical and health and safety properties of metal, plastic and composite materials.
  • Packaging: manufacturing technology and characteristics according to operating conditions using metal, plastic and glass packaging materials.
  • Packs: packaging and storage technology: environment-pack-food interactions.
  • Storage and transport: influence of the logistic parameters on the behaviour of materials, packaging and packs.


The Packaging Department also performs service activities, mainly for the purpose of providing analytical tools to assess the properties of materials and packaging before and after packing. A significant part of this service consists in consultancy activities.

The following main scopes of work can be identified:

  • characterisation of materials and packaging; compliance with national and EU legislation, compliance with purchasing specifications
  • assessment of suitability for use with food products
  • selection of materials and packaging in relation to their use
  • problems of corrosion and microbiological spoilage.