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Quality Assurance


SSICA carries out controls in all food preserves sectors, both at its headquarters in Parma as well as its section in Angri.

So as to offer an ever more qualified analysis service, SSICA holds an accreditation agreement with ACCREDIA (National Laboratory Accreditation System) which is renewed every four years, both for the headquarters in Parma (since 1996) and for the Angri section (since 2002).

On the basis of this convention, SSICA is authorized to indicate a certain number of tests as “accredited”.

Accreditation of a test method by ACCREDIA guarantees that it is carried out pursuant to the norms dictated by the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and other ACCREDIA regulatory documents. SSICA ensures, amongst other things, the use of qualified and competent staff, of efficient and calibrated equipment, suitable materials, maintenance of environmental conditions such as not to invalidate the test, the carrying out of a preliminary study of the performance of the method by validation and estimation of the uncertainty of the results, where applicable.

ACCREDIA accreditation allows those export countries who recognize the accreditation to avoid the need to repeat the tests. This approach is further strengthened by mutual recognition agreements made between various laboratory accreditation bodies.

SSICA is also authorised by ACCREDIA to use the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) trademark relating to the international recognition in which accreditation bodies from over 30 countries worldwide participate.

A summary of the procedures followed by SSICA laboratories in the execution of the tests and in relations with clients can be found in the following Information notes:

  • Information for the client, Parma
  • Information for the client, Angri

SSICA also holds the following certifications and authorisations:

  • GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Certified Laboratory Legislative Decree 2/04/07
  • Recognition and inclusion in the list of laboratories which carry out analyses in the sphere of food company auto-control procedures Emilia Romagna Region General Division for Health and Social Policies Veterinary and Animal Health Service Registration No. 008/PR/013 of 04/09/07
  • Accredited for cooperation with EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) Art. 36 of EU Regulation 178/2002 and Article 1 of EU Regulation 2230/2004 Technical competence, impartiality and trustworthiness of the laboratories’ analytical data are proven by the regular and continuing participation in the most prestigious national and international inter-laboratory analysis circuits.

This is the best guarantee of the trustworthiness of the analytical data supplied and the maintenance over time of the professional competence of SSICA technicians.

The main inter-laboratory circuits in which SSICA participates in the various analytical areas are:

FAPAS: Nutritional analyses, residues of pollutants,

PCB, allergens

ARPA Emilia Romagna: water analyses

QM: Microbiological analyses S

ENATE: Microbiological analyses

UNICHIM: Water analyses