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Metrology and Technology

Coordinator: Domenico Cacace

The Department of Metrology and Technology, established in 2015 and located at the site of Angri, deals with the following matters:

Food Engineering: research, projects and support to companies on plants and engineering issues, with particular regard to technology, process and product innovation, process validation (heat penetration during sterilization and pasteurization) and plant validation (retorts and other types of sterilizers and pasteurizers) for the heat treatment of food.

Metrology: support to companies for calibration by ACCREDIA certification of instruments for temperature measurement (resistance thermometers and thermometric chains for resistance thermometers) and internal and external service of calibration with traceability to national measurement standards of data-loggers, scales and manometers.

Food Legislation: update, dissemination and consultancy services to companies on food labeling and other mandatory regulation issues (food safety, presence of additives, trade, export, traceability ...) and voluntary issues (systems for quality and food safety management).