Areas of activity


Main areas of activity

The following activities are carried out for internal, public and private research project

  • Quality

This research activity concerns the production, characterisation and improvement of cold cuts according to the concept of “measurable “quality along the supply chain (raw materials, semi-finished and finished products). The quality of the finished product is also pursued by combining ad hoc technological actions with the use of suitable microorganisms. Analytical measurements are integrated by sensory analysis performed by a specifically trained panel. Sensory analysis is performed for research projects, private companies and external institutions.

  • Quality of meat for fresh consumption and processing

The aim is to control the quality of meat for fresh consumption and industrial processing. The studies, aiming at improving the sensory and functional characteristics of meat, also include zootechnical and nutritional aspects and typing of raw materials by DNA analysis.

  • Formulation of cold cuts

Reduction of some additives (such as nitrates and nitrites) and ingredients (for instance, sodium chloride) with possible positive impact on consumer health. Traceability and certification of ingredients using molecular techniques.

  • Technology and safety

Prevention of chemical and microbiological hazards through the study of cause-effect relationships between processing and formation of dangerous substances. Optimization of processes and prevention of defects, assistance and advice in the adjustment of protocols and development of new manufacturing processes.

  • Nutritional aspects

Product design address the improvement of the nutritional properties of cold cuts, taking into account the effect of raw material and processing. This strand of activity also refers to the new rules on nutritional labeling and nutritional requirements resulting from the EC Regulations 1924/2006, Directive 2008/100/EC, EU Regulation 116/2010.

  • Packaging

Studies on the shelf life of packaged meats (pre-portioned and pre-sliced). The segment of pre-sliced cold cuts is monitored by studies on the relationship between quality of the packaged product, slicing and storage conditions, packaging materials and characteristics of starting material (color and aroma stability, sliceability).