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About us

esterniSince 1922, The Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry (SSICA), operating through its headquarters in Parma and the section of Angri (Salerno), has been promoting the scientific and technical progress of the Italian food-preserving industry for the sectors of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish products through activities of research, consultancy, training and dissemination of information.

bibliotecaThanks to its specialized staff and cutting-edge laboratories, SSICA is one of the most important applied research bodies in the preserved food sector in Europe and in the world and takes part in national and international research projects. The Institute includes departments specific to different product sectors, as well as departments and laboratories in charge of more general activities; with its skilled staff and updated equipment it is able to experiment with new products, new processing and preservation procedures, also analyzing their economic and social impact. In 2016 SSICA has become a national foundation for international research.

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Il Friuli agroalimentare

Parma, 12 gennaio 2017

SSICA e IRVEA/FederQuality, in collaborazione con C.C.I.A.A. di Udine e Associazione Allevatori del FVG, organizzano un incontro formativo-informativo dedicato a tutti gli operatori delle diverse filiere agro-alimentari del territorio.

Industria Conserve settembre-dicembre 2016

Parma, 16 dicembre 2016


E' disponibile in formato elettronico il nuovo numero di Industra Conserve n. 3 (ottobre-dicembre 2016)

Informazione per le aziende produttrici di conserve e semiconserve

Parma, 22 novembre 2016  


Si comunicano i codici di marcatura adottati per l'anno 2017, inoltrati dal CTCPA-Centre Technique Conservation Produit Agricoles.