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The Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry (SSICA) aims to promote the technical and technological progress of the Italian food-preserving industry for the sectors of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish products, through its activities of research, consultancy, training and dissemination of information. Thanks to its specialized staff and cutting-edge laboratories, SSICA is one of the most important applied research bodies in the preserved food sector in Europe and in the world, and it takes part in national and international research projects.

SSICA is an applied and experimental research body founded as a Public Body in 1922 with Royal Decree no. 1396 of 2 July. Transformed into a Public body by Legislative Decree no. 540 of 1999, is now a special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Parma pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 78 of 31/05/2010 amended by Law no. 122 of 30 July 2010, with the purpose of improving the quality and safety standards of products along the entire supply chain. The Agency has various departments specific to the different product sectors, as well as departments and laboratories in charge of more general activities; it has equipment and know-how aimed at experimenting with new products, new processing and preservation procedures, analyzing possible economic and social impact.


SSICA operates in Italy through its headquarters in Parma and the section of Angri (Salerno) which was established in 1987.  



  • Basic research, industrial research and experimental development
  • Research with direct impact on the agro-food sector
  • Research carried out at the request of enterprises, either directly or through professional associations
  • Participation in national and international research projects Assistance to enterprises

Assistance to enterprises

  • Collaboration, technical, scientific, and techno-legal assistance either at SSICA or in-company
  • Certification of products and production processes
  • Analysis, monitoring and testing of products, packaging, processes and new technologies
  • Documentation, dissemination and promotion of quality
  • Training of specialising personnel for the food preserving industry

Consultancy to public institutions

  • Collaboration to national and EU public institutions
  • Participation in national and international committees and working groups dealing with science, technology and legislation relating to production, trade and control of preserved foods.


  • Communication to the world of scientific research, companies and institutions through the website, the journal "Industria Conserve" and a series of scientific pubblications
  • Congresses, symposia, exhibitions in the food sector


  •  Organization of training internships, seminars and meetings at SSICA and at companies, institutions, universities and professional associations


  • With universities, professional organizations, research institutes, institutions for the development of projects of common interest.